Pet-Based Company Pawtocol Partners with memeunity to Expand its Virtual Adoption Program by Creating Memes on The Blockchain

Miami Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES

MIAMI, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pawtocol, the world’s most advanced blockchain-based pet community, has entered into a collaboration with memeunity, a meme-based interactive media company that is a decentralized social network to create one-of-kind memes as part of its continued pledge to create a no-kill nation.

In this unique alliance, users will be able to virtually adopt a pet and once they pay for the virtual adoption by using Pawtocol’s Universal Pet Income (UPI) currency, they will be able to create a meme for that pet and trade it so the pet can raise money to find a home.

Additionally, Pawtocol will create a service for rescues to create profiles of pets as an NFT and be able to sell it in the market to help the pet find a home

“This massive opportunity allows us to continue working with shelters and rescues worldwide and make sure that every animal gets a fair chance in life,” says Karim Quazzani, CEO of Pawtocol. “By partnering with the exciting minds at memeunity we get to do this in a novel cutting-edge way with a huge audience.”

Users will also be able to make unique memes out of their virtually adopted pets and trade them like baseball cards.

Says memeunity: “With Pawtocol venturing into the disruption of the pet industry and changing the status quo, memeunity will offer yet another weapon to their vision: Pawtocol as our first blockchain company to have their section on our MU Citadel as well as offering the Pawtocol nation NFT accessibility, their category, and a section where both Pawtocol’s team and the community backing them can easily trade on MU Citadel.”

memeunity is also implementing a double reward system that allows Pawtocol’s community members to receive MUU rewards for every transaction they make on their marketplace, provided it’s related to Pawtocol.

NFT is a new method for digitally buying and selling art and other media. These crypto-assets represent the latest blockchain-based boom. As of 2020, NFT has grown 705% to $338 million in value, according to the latest estimate from, which monitors the NFT marketplace.


PAWTOCOL practices ESG principles by being Environmentally and Socially responsible, with inclusive and transparent Governance (the backbone of Blockchain) - while showing users how to use their pet's data to not just help other pets and pet parents, but to earn income as well.

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Memeunity is an Interactive Media company that allows you to directly interact with the platform itself, set your focus on your own account’s progress, and your meme rewards as you rise in the ranks of meme deities.

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Pawtocol Collaborates With Memeunity

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