Marukan’s 24-Day Challenge Proves That Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Doesn’t Have to Be a Bitter Experience

Health-seekers in search of a better-tasting ACV experience?are encouraged to take the Marukan Apple Cider Vinegar 24-Day Challenge?and document their wellness journey for a chance to win


PARAMOUNT, Calif., March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc. has some simple words of advice for those wanting a less-bitter daily apple cider vinegar (ACV) wellness routine, the increasingly popular practice by health enthusiasts of taking a 1-ounce shot of ACV every morning for digestive health, weight management and other benefits.

Just give us 24 days. That’s the theme of the Japanese premium vinegar brewer’s new consumer healthy-living initiative and contest that challenges the public to discover and document the taste, health and wellness benefits they may experience from ACV for a chance to win an exclusive virtual cooking session with a Marukan chef and 26 other prizes.

Continuing through April 30, 2021, the Marukan Apple Cider Vinegar 24-Day Challenge asks health seekers to consume 1 ounce of Marukan ACV daily for 24 days and then submit a 60-second video testimonial detailing their experience. Participants can choose between two products launched earlier this year: Marukan? Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, the company’s new core ACV offering; and Marukan? Organic Apple Cider & Rice Vinegar Drink Blend, a blend of apple cider vinegar and rice vinegar designed to take the bitterness out of the ACV wellness routine.

Made from fresh-pressed apples grown in the U.S., both Marukan apple cider vinegar products include the Mother of Vinegar and are raw, unfiltered, gluten-free, and fat-free, as well as certified organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher. They are now available at grocery stores, specialty health and natural food retailers nationwide, and on ? ? ??

“The Marukan innovation team developed our new apple cider vinegar line to be distinctly different from the bitter-tasting other ACVs on the market – and given the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received on our Drink Blend, I’d say they succeeded,” said Jon Tanklage, President of Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc. “But instead of just taking our word for it, health enthusiasts are encouraged to commit to an extended trial to experience the taste, health and wellness benefits for themselves.”

“The 24-Day Challenge makes the daily ACV wellness routine more tasteful, fun and rewarding – and could even convert some skeptics into die-hard ACV fans,” he said.

Tanklage says his team created the 24-Day Challenge after personally testing Marukan ACV products and experiencing a number benefits. “I felt it was a great way to start my mornings and wake-up my body. I experienced reduced inflammation, kept my weight under control and felt healthier. I just feel better overall when I take Marukan ACV.”

“While the specific health and wellness benefits of a daily ACV wellness routine will differ for everyone, more and more experts are suggesting that clean eating, regular exercise and a daily dose of ACV can have a very positive impact on weight loss, digestion and mood,” he said.

Contest participants can take a 1-ounce shot of the Marukan ACV or Drink Blend products by themselves or mixed in a smoothie, drink, or other recipe. Marukan offers a number of original ACV recipes on its blog as well as a printable Marukan ACV 24-Day Challenge Calendar featuring recipes, serving tips and ACV trivia for each of the 24 days.

The contest entrant judged to have submitted the best video according to contest rules will win the Grand Prize of an exclusive virtual cooking session with a Marukan Chef for four people plus a one-year supply of Marukan Apple Cider Vinegar products. Two First Prizes, consisting of $240 in Marukan products, and 24 Second Prizes, including Marukan ACV products, also will be awarded.

To qualify, participants must create and post an original testimonial video using one of two ways: on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtags #Marukan24DayChallenge and #Contest; or as a video link on the official contest entry form. Videos must be no more than 60 seconds and are due by 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2021.

For video content restrictions, judging criteria and all other contest details, please see the Official Rules.

For Marukan Apple Cider Vinegar products, ordering information, recipes, and other resources, visit and Marukan’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

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